Mollie Hemingway: We Should Be Having A Conversation About The Surveillance Of A Political Opponent

Mollie Hemingway on the March 20, 2017 broadcast of <i>Special Report</i>: <blockquote>MOLLIE HEMINGWAY, THE FEDERALIST: I don't know if it's fair to say that Trump himself was under investigation as much as the campaign. But this is also speaking again to how we're kind of having it both ways. We have had people surveilled since July. We have had stories in the mainstream media, <i>Washington Post</i>, </i>New York Times</i>, CNN. Snippets of surveillance, snippets of transcripts, of information. All these allegations and there is, and then when Donald Trump says he's been wiretapped because he is so silly or clumsy about how he says it, now we say we can't talk about it because of how he overstepped it. But we really should be having a conversation about the surveillance of a political opponent during a campaign and what that means. Particularly the complete lack of actual evidence that we have of any problem. We have had so much smoke and no actual fire and it's really time we kind of get that. </blockquote>