The Food Recovery Network at Smith College

Packing up leftovers from Smith dining rooms to deliver to local homeless shelters was a no-brainer for Sibyl Brown ’14. “Recovering food from our dining rooms is such an easy way to help ease the need that exists,” says Brown. “It’s food that is already being made and would otherwise be thrown out.” Brown started a Smith College chapter of the Food Recovery Network earlier this year to great success. She organized student volunteers and began recovering food one night a week. As she has gained student volunteers, this has increased to three nights a week, and she is planning to go to five. Dining Services staff quickly got on board. Says Kathy Zieja, director of dining services, “They are truly moved by the fact that they are helping those less fortunate, and at the same time supporting a Smith student who has taken this on as a project.” Follow Brown and other students during the recovery process.