Finding Fearless Episode 6

Without a plan, we are relying on hope to see us through and sometimes hope just isn’t enough! An experience in reality is always better than the application of theory when it comes to survival…and experience is just what Cara and Kristen are about to get! They both thought that they would do certain things right and other things would “fall into place” allowing them to become victorious should evil ever come knocking on their door. What they didn’t plan on was evil walking down the hallway and oh how that changed everything. Will they run, hide and hope evil will simply go away or can they dig down deep and take the fight to evil to survive? There’s no time to get comfortable on Finding Fearless because we ramp up the intensity level for them again by adding teamwork, communication, anxiety and so much more. Is two better than one in a home defense situation? Can fear multiplied spell disaster for all or can someone stand up and take charge? Watch and see right here on this episode of Finding Fearless.