Steve Schmidt: Trump Presidency Represents The End Of The Culture Wars, Gay Marriage Fight Is Over

MSNBC Republican strategist Steve Schmidt tells 'Morning Joe' that the Trump presidency represents the end of the "culture wars" and the Republican Party's "acquiescence" on the issue of gay marriage. He said: "There's no more fighting about this issue." <blockquote>STEVE SCHMIDT: So you see all these Republican politicians asked awkwardly yesterday about Donald Trump saying on 60 Minutes, the gay marriage fight is over. Donald Trump blew the whistle on Sunday night on the culture wars. Basically said it's over. It's done. So if you're a gay American this morning, it's over. You won. You have a Republican in the White House, and there's no more fighting about this issue. JOE SCARBOROUGH: But if are a Republican that this is a key issue for you, and you've campaigned on it 10 times to keep getting re-elected, suddenly you're looking at Donald Trump saying, he's running my party? SCHMIDT: Yeah, not any more. Every one of those people from Mike Pence on down, their silence was acquiescence to that position. It's over.</blockquote>