The Entrepreneurial Sales Manager | Andy Gole

Learn more: Video proFile page: “If you think you can, or you think you can’t, you are right.” Henry Ford Once there was a large company in a rapidly declining market, whose sales manager believed that sales would just or continue to decline. And they did. His successor had a different belief. He believed that sales would increase. And they did. Here are the 4 stages in sales management evolution: The first stage is Anarchy. There really isn't a system and very often the owner is blackmailed by the sales team. The second stage is Motivational sales management, where we treat each salesperson as a customer, to motivate them. So, this is pretty weak and also lends itself to blackmail. A stronger stage begins with Rigorous sales management...CRM, profitability (both identifying and acting on it) and a willingness to fire non-performing salespeople. Unfortunately, achieving rigorous sales management is such a milestone for most companies they never achieve the most effective stage: Entrepreneurial sales management, which transforms their hybrid entrepreneurial salespeople to embrace bold vision and bold behavior. Rigorous sales management can identify the need for salespeople to change, but Entrepreneurial sales management actually helps transform salespeople. Evolving to Entrepreneurial sales management requires not only transforming the sales team, but also transforming the sales culture. Here are the methods for transformation: powerful stories case histories modeling bold behavior learning from the team strong visual metaphors hard-hitting messages testimonials and exercises …like the battle plan, where salespeople find their path to success with bold vision and bold behavior You cannot instruct a salesperson to transform. It takes Entrepreneurial sales management to coach them through the process with total organizational commitment to bring about change. Through transformation, salespeople deliver amped up presentations which elicit WOWs from their prospects. The next question is What do we harvest with the WOWs? We’re looking for P-I-K’s, payments-in-kind, behaviors by the prospect which shows that they’re serious and engaged in the sales process. Successful business development must have rigorous sales management; however, if you want to evolve your sales team, if you want to transform them, if you want to achieve exponential sales growth, then you need to become the Entrepreneurial Sales Manager. Andy Gole Seminars Sales Leadership The Crisis in Sales Leadership Do or Die vs. Best Efforts Rocky, Freud, Darwin & Selling Crisis in Creating New Sales Relationships Heroic Selling Do you want me to sell or fill out paperwork? The Leads Are Terrible How Buyers Buy & What To Do About It Andy Gole Sales Development and Selling Consultant 201-415-3447