Girl’s Life Inspires Awareness of Pipeline Safety Across the Nation

Learn MORE: Danielle Dawn Smalley Foundation Increases Pipeline Safety & Awareness This video explains the genesis & mission of the Danielle Dawn Smalley Foundation with interviews captured at the 2011 memorial event of the 15th anniversary of the pipeline explosion in Kaufman County, Texas which took the life of 17 year old Danielle Dawn Smalley and her friend Jason Stone. Sections: THE DAY OUR PURPOSE WAS DEFINED THE HAZARDS THE MESSAGE: AWARENESS PARTNERING WITH THE INDUSTRY Members of the Pipeline Industry in this Video: Jeff Farrells, Exec Director, Pipeline Association for Public Awareness Danny Smalley, Founder, Danielle Dawn Smalley Foundation Wesley Carter, Process Safety Manager, Oil and Gas Operations Pete Pederson, Manager of Compliance, Atmos Energy Jason Moxley, Dir. Environmental, Health & Safety, EXCO Resources Inc. Mike Archer, Compliance Analyst, Atmos Energy Jeb Henserling, U.S. Congressman Frank Bovalenson Allen Cousins Jeb Henserling, U.S. Congressman Jeff Farrells, Executive Director, Pipeline Association for Public Awareness ... we wanted to start a program that would be an outreach to public schools, private schools... Fire Chief Don Smith There was an educational process that we really had to look at and make sure that all of our first responders, fire PCMS understood what they were looking at when they went to emergency calls... Jeff Farrells ... the first thing that came to mind was the Smalley Foundation... Danny Smalley, Founder, Danielle Dawn Smalley Foundation I would like to tell the industry folks...that we wouldn’t be able to do what we do without your help... Jeff Farrells ... it’s been a great partnership... The Day Our Purpose Was Defined Narrator In August 1996, Danielle and her friend Jason noticed the smell of gas in their rural neighborhood, and left her home driving her pickup truck to report it to authorities... Narrator Approached the end of her driveway, they unknowingly entered a vapor cloud, and the truck stalled. Danielle restarted the ignition, and it became the source of an explosion of fire with flames spanning fifteen acres... Narrator Danielle and Jason instantly lost their lives. Danny Smalley ... I blame myself for my daughter’s death... Danny Smalley ... I didn’t know that there was a pipeline there...had I been aware of the hazards, and I said during court that if I won that I was going to open a foundation for pipeline safety to teach people the hazards and the danger... The Hazards Danny Smalley ...if you live in the state of Texas, anywhere you're at, you're not too far from a pipeline... Wesley Carter, Process Safety Manager, Oil and Gas Operations ...42 fatalities since 1983. These are statistics right from the Chemical Safety Board based on investigation they did in 2010... Jason Moxley ...over the course of the last few years, shale plays have really taken off across the United States... Wesley Carter It’s in your backyard, you don’t see the hazards, and then when it does happen, all of a sudden you are like why, why did this happen? The Message: Awareness Wesley Carter I know what we put our employees through before they could even step onto a location, let alone a member of the public, I can’t imagine if I was 16, 17 and I walked onto an oil and gas location...I have no clue, I’d be very ignorant to the hazards on that site. Pete Pederson, Manager of Compliance, Atmos Energy ... it’s very important for children and the public to know what to do when they do smell a product or they see a release of a product that comes out of a pipeline Danny Smalley ... If you start teaching them when they are children, then they are going to grow up and teach their children... Partnering with the industry Danny Smalley ... instead of being an opponent... we work together... Jeff Farrells ...I’m with the Pipeline Association for Public Awareness and we have partnered with the Smalley Foundation on a program // to deliver pipeline safety information to school officials. The pipeline companies want the school officials to be aware of the hazards that may be around their school grounds... Pete Peterson We utilize the Smalley Foundation to train first responders and visit as an outreach for our company... Video proFile® page: A Motion Media Solutions and Ross R. Mason production