Take charge of your overwhelm

Are you overcommitted, overwhelmed, overfrustrated, overpromised? Are you over just being over? I can imagine. We all are. It's one of those things in our world that we are finding that we have just way too much going on in our lives, so much coming at us. Productivity really does matter. How do we look at being overwhelmed? What do we do? What do we make different about that? How do we find our way so that we actually get done what we need to get done? I like to present a concept of the overwhelmed triangle. At the top of the triangle you have the situation where it's what do we bring on ourselves that gives us an overwhelm? What do we bring on that is new information that causes us to do something different and then what do we do about others who overwhelm us with things they want us to do? Naturally we have a situation where in fact it comes out of so much. Example, if we have a lot of information impacting us on a day to day basis sometimes we just absolutely freeze. We just really don't know where we want to go with all these information and we don't get done what we need to get done. Part of what I'm going to talk to you about today is how do we make a difference in our own world? Particularly as a business owner you've got chaos going on in your business and you know that in fact this is not good and people are not productive not getting done what they want to get done. As a business owner you're concerned about your profits, you're concerned about your clients and you're concerned about your revenue. What happens with all of that is that if your team is not productive it really does make a difference in your perspective of running your business. Chaos is chaos. How do you get rid of the chaos? It's one of those things where you tough to take a look at that overwhelm and say, "I'm going to do something different, we're going to have the team look at something different, we're going to have people actually do different behaviors to make that impactful for your business." Profits means something but ultimately what it means is getting down at the human level of how people, what motivates them to get things done. What motivates them to make it happen and what motivates them to not do things that you want done and more focus on the fun things. How do you stop that?