Krauthammer: Comey Will Have To Resign, He Has Lost Confidence Of Country

BRET BAIER: What about Director Comey and his future at the FBI. You had the <i>Wall Street Journal</i> editorial today saying James Comey best service, the new AG should ask the director to resign for the good of the FBI. Do you think that's going to happen? CHARLES KRAUTHAMMER: I think it has to happen. I'm not sure it will happen under Obama, but it certainly has to happen. Whatever your political inclination, it's very clear that Comey simply is, I don't know out of incompetence or ambition or whatever, he made some terrible decisions that he should not have made, injected himself into a campaign in a way that the FBI should not have been injected, and he has lost the confidence of everybody, and I think if you are the FBI director and you've lost the confidence of the country, you have to go. I think he should understand his position and make it easy on the two presidents and simply resign.