These amazing Celtic Jewelry pieces make great gifts

Celtic Jewellry is deeply symbolic and with powerful imagery and makes wonderful gifts for all genders and occasions, including Christmas, weddings, birthdays, special occasions and more. In this episode of Black Press Media's Focus TV's Lanka Jewel's Bridal Connection series, host Nathan Selvaraja is joined by Celtic Jewellry creator Keith Jack, who explains about some of the meaning behind the powerful symbols on some of his favourite pieces. "This one is called the guardian angel," Keith explains. Now, I'm not a religious person, but I do feel I'm a spiritual person. And for me the guardian angel represents that person or that power you ask as you look to the universe and ask for help. This is your guardian angels and everybody has guardian angels." When Keith was a child, the only things he could draw were pirate ships and trees. It's one of the reasons why the Tree of Life is a favourite piece of his. "For me it represents life. The tree grows, the seeds drop, another tree grows and it keeps perpetuating." Sometimes it's difficult to conceptualize jewelry for males, but Keith developed one for a friend whose fiance was often on the road. "It was done in a very tribal Celtic kind of design," Keith says. "And when he takes off at night, when he's in his hotel, he can stand it up with a picture of his wife and children in there." Interested in learning more about Keith Jack's Celtic Jewellry at Lanka Jewels? Head to Lanka Jewels in Mission, B.C., and check them out. Online: Email: Phone: 604-826-5766 Visit: #346 - 32555 London Ave., Mission