Glenn Greenwald: Who Is Benefiting From The Money Being Sent To Ukraine? Everyone Except The American People

FOX News host Tucker Carlson asked investigative journalist Glenn Greenwald why are our leaders not explaining what the goal of sending money to Ukraine is on the Wednesday broadcast of 'Tucker Carlson Tonight.' <blockquote>GREENWALD: I know I have been asking since February, in what conceivable way will the lives of American citizens be materially improved? How will you or your family's lives be protected or fostered by sending tens of billions of dollars, now in excess of $100 billion, to the war in Ukraine except for the tiny number of people that own huge amounts of stock in the weapons manufacturers who have done extremely well from this war, how have Americans benefited in any way? And the amazing thing, Tucker, you will never even hear any of these people -- Mitch McConnell, Chuck Schumer, Nancy Pelosi, all of whom are in complete agreement on this, the leadership of both parties even pretend they have an answer to that question because they don't. This week, millions of our own citizens, American citizens are set to lose their Medicaid coverage, their health coverage when they and their kids get sick because we can't find $1.7 billion to extend it and yet we're about to send another $44.5 billion to fund this war in Ukraine, and Mitch McConnell says the number one goal of the Republican party is to treat Russia as an enemy. Donald Trump won the primary in 2016 and 2020 based on the argument that Russia is not our enemy and we have no reason to treat it as such. So the entire question that needs asked is who is this really benefiting and the answer is everyone except the American people. </blockquote>