Hybrid Entrepreneurs with Andy Gole

Good News…most of your sales team are Hybrid Entrepreneurs Andy Gole You're frustrated. You're wondering, where are all the great salespeople? You remember in the earlier days of the business, the entrepreneurial phase. You didn't have product services, you didn't have customers, you didn't have reputation but you built the business because you had these three entrepreneurial qualities. First, the do or die ethos. Second, the ability to work in and manage an uncertain environment. Third, the ability to challenge the prospect's thinking. With these entrepreneurial qualities, you built the business but now you're frustrated. Maybe because you're thinking and expecting your current sales force to have these qualities but you're past the entrepreneurial phase. You don't have entrepreneurs. The good news is, most of your sales team are hybrid entrepreneurs. They have most of these qualities and with your help, by developing your people, you can now get entrepreneurial business building outcomes. Andy Gole Seminars Sales Leadership The Crisis in Sales Leadership Do or Die vs. Best Efforts Rocky, Freud, Darwin & Selling Crisis in Creating New Sales Relationships Heroic Selling Do you want me to sell or fill out paperwork? The Leads Are Terrible How Buyers Buy & What To Do About It Andy Gole UrgencyBasedSelling.net 201-415-3447