Sting And The Police - Story Of Their Songs REELZ

The Police & Sting: Story of Their Songs Features in order of appearance: Hugh Padgham / Producer, The Police Aaron J. West / Music Professor & Author Anthony Decurtis Professor & Music Critic Jill Furmanovsky / Award-Winning Rock Photographer From the Series: The stories behind the three songs that made The Police global superstars are explored with insight from the producers, back-up singers, photographers and journalists who watched it happen. At first the three musical maestros Sting, Andy Summers and Stewart Copeland struggled to convince audiences of their authenticity before their single reggae-inspired “Roxanne” became a huge musical breakthrough. From there The Police’s massive hit “Every Breath You Take” with its dark themes of surveillance, obsession and stalking inspired by the breakdown of Sting’s marriage and took the band to staggering new levels of popularity. The song’s producer Hugh Padgham describes how the recording session was set against a backdrop of infighting and professional jealousy among the band. Upon its release the song becomes an instant classic and turned the bandmates into international stars. But at the peak of their powers, tensions within the band reach a breaking point and Sting shocks the world by going solo and setting out to prove that with creative freedom he can be just as successful. He teams up with Grammy Award® winning producer Neil Dorfsman and together they fuse reggae and jazz for hit single “Englishman in New York” and its international success secures Sting’s prowess as a remarkable solo artist. REELZ showcases the moments that made The Police an unforgettable band and helped keep Sting as a solo artist at the top for more than 40 years.