Trump Touts Infrastructure In OH: Shovel Ready Wasn't Shovel Ready, Not Going To Repeat That Mistake

President Trump delivered remarks on infrastructure at the Rivertown Marina in Cincinnati, Ohio on Wednesday afternoon. Trump touted his infrastructure proposal and took a veiled shot at former President Obama's infrastructure program under the stimulus that promised "shovel ready jobs." <blockquote>PRESIDEN TRUMP: At least $200 billion of the $1 trillion pledge will come from direct federal investment. Working with states, local governments, and private industry, we will ensure that these new federal funds are matched by significant additional dollars for maximum efficiency and accountability. I'll have people watching over each one of these jobs and every penny will count to them. Taxpayers deserve the best results for their investment and I will ensure that this is what they get. The last administration passed a stimulus package, of which only a tiny 7% went to infrastructure. And much of that was just wasted money, you folks up front know what I am talking about. The great infrastructure plan, nobody saw any money. Remember shovel ready? Shovel ready wasn't shovel ready, that I can tell you. We're not going to repeat that mistake, that is not going to happen again. instead, our plan will help states and local governments prioritize their most pressing infrastructure needs, building transformative projects that create a flood of wealth and opportunity to benefit every part of our country, especially rural America.</blockquote>