Cluster Wheel | Discovery

This is an introduction to the Discovery Cluster Wheel. Imagine you’re in a warehouse with boxes of 2 million documents. Your task is to read each document, find relevant terms and concepts included in the documents, then sort each of those documents into ten piles, each representing the most important concepts found from your initial assessment. Now take those piles and break each of them into ten piles. Continue this until you’ve identified and removed Exact Duplicates and Near Duplicates, or until the pile has less than a hundred unique and original documents. Good news! The Brainspace Discovery Cluster Wheel does this all for you, quickly and efficiently. At the center of the Cluster Wheel is your entire document population. As you move outward, you find more and more specific clusters of documents until you’re at the outer edges. You can select a cluster to create a filtered search for that cluster, and review the documents in Search Results. Any search originating from the Dashboard is highlighted on the Cluster Wheel, providing a graphical sense of your search results relative to the overall document population. If it’s fully highlighted, 100% of the documents are responding. Greyed out clusters have no documents that match the specific search criteria. Documents that are duplicates or near duplicates are indicated with a ‘D’ or ‘ND’ watermark. When a document is selected, a compass needle appears which can also be selected to drop you right into the neighborhood where that document lives. Each document exists in only one place on the wheel. The Discovery Cluster Wheel allows you to see how your documents self-organize, so you can browse similar documents easily and quickly.