Makeup Artist Enhances Beauty Understanding Personalities

Unique Perspective & Creative Style Makeup artist Trina J has been in the makeup industry for over four years. She is passionate about her job because it allows her to be creative and interact with clients on a personal level. She got her start at Clinique and MAC stores, where she honed her skills and learned how to work with a variety of clientele. She was able to gain professional experience by working as the key makeup artist for Dallas’ FOX 4 Good Day morning show. Trina was also asked to write makeup tips and tricks on, as well as Pretty City. Prior to becoming a freelance makeup artist, she earned a degree in broadcasting. Afterwards, she began her professional career in radio and television. In both mediums, she developed herself as a personality and understood what it meant to be in front of a microphone or camera. Through working in the broadcasting industry, she was able to gain the professionalism needed to succeed with clients and understand how to make them stand out in front of the camera. She also has worked with a multitude of television personalitie, actors, models, and brides. Trina continues to pursue her freelance makeup career because she enjoys enhancing each individuals beauty by understanding her clients and letting their personality shine through. She believes that working with professionals at editorials and fashion shoots has provided her a unique perspective and creative touch to her makeup technique. Trina's experience has allowed her to gain detailed insight on how to accommodate to different face, eye, lip shape, as well as bone structure. With a unique perspective and creative style, Trina’s goals are focused on the client’s happiness with their results and making them feel confident. Contact makeup artist Trina J to experience a personal, professional and impressive makeup session for your next television, editorial, or fashion shoot. 214-263-6595