CUTLINE in the Community: Listening to Earth: Indigenous Wisdom and Climate Futures with The International Festival of Arts & Ideas

We rely on climatologists to deliver forecasts of a future planet, where the temperature slowly rises and everything from disease to population displacement to rising tides is inevitable. Solutions are proposed, but thus far we are woefully unable to meet benchmarks for scaling back the destruction. A different approach is possible: honoring indigenous wisdom that successfully stewarded the land for millennia before the arrival of western colonizers. This wisdom can be an even more powerful tool for diagnosing and curing what ails the living, organic organism of our earth. Hosted by NPR Science Friday’s Diana Montano, hear from a panel of Native environmental justice activists Eriel Deranger and Kyle Whyte on the climate knowledge that has existed in indigenous communities for generations, and the practical solutions that can spur a better collective attempt at caring for our planet.