KJP Dodges Questions About Consequences Over China's Crackdown On Protests: "I Don't Have Anything To Preview For You"

White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre did not have a response when asked at a gaggle on Air Force One on Tuesday, "Has the White House communicated to Beijing any possible consequences of its crackdown on protesters? And also, is the White House considering saying something or using existing U.S. government tools to help Chinese citizens get around Internet blocks?" What KJP said: <blockquote>MS. JEAN-PIERRE: So, I don’t have anything to preview for you at this time on — on, you know, anything connected to the social media. Your first — your second question. I don’t have any calls to preview to you — for you at this time. Look, we’ve been very clear that people have a right to peacefully protest without fear. And — and we don’t think that that right should be hindered or interfered with. Nothing has changed about the President’s firm belief in the universal — universitality of human rights and power of democracy. So, we will continue to express our support for the fundamental freedom. The United States will also continue to stand for respect for freedom of the press and freedom of expression. No journalist should be arrested or beaten or harassed for simply doing their job, as it comes to some of the reports that we’ve been hearing on the ground. And we’re watching this closely, as you as you might expect that we would. And we believe that, you know — you know, that people should have the right, again, to peacefully protest.</blockquote>