Algae: The beauty booster from under the sea

Algae: A beauty booster from under the sea. Natural skin care is especially sought after in this day and age, and cosmetics made from algae are a favourite due to their healing properties. ALGAE SKINCARE PRODUCTS ARE POPULAR DUE TO THEIR HEALING PROPERTIES Producers of algae cosmetics have observed and analyzed these under water plants and brought them to the market for good reason PRODUCERS OF THIS COSMETIC HAVE SPENT TIME ANALYZING THE UNDER WATER PLANT As they have spotted how they manage to naturally do something that our skin itself would like to do better. AND HAVE SPOTTED WHAT IT CAN DO NATURALLY AND BETTER THAN OUR OWN SKIN Algae are tough, they wishtand heat, cold and surf. But why is this helpful for our complexions? TOUGH ALGAE CAN WITHSTAND HEAT, COLD AND SURF They contain Phenols, MAA, enzymes and carotenoids that protect the skin from UV radiation THEY CONTAIN PENOLS, MAA, ENZYMES AND CAROTENOIDS, PERFECT FOR PROTECTING THE SKIN FROM UV RAYS While phlorotannins boost collagen production which make the skin more elastic and plump. PHLOROTANNINS BOOST COLLAGEN AND CAN MAKE THE SKIN MORE ELASTIC AND PLUMP Algae cosmetics also curb free radicals and are sought after for their anti-aging effects. COMSETICS MADE WITH ALGAE CAN CURB FREE RADICALS AND HAVE ANTI AGING EFFECTS They hydrate the skin and protect it from drying out, while unsaturated omega-3 fatty acids stimulate regeneration. NOT ONLY GREAT FOR HYDRATING YOUR SKIN, BUT THE UNSATURATED OMEGA-3 FATTY ACIDS STIMULATE REGENERATION Algae cosmetics have a rejuvenating effect, tighten the skin, lighten it and protect it from harmful sun rays. FOR REJUVENATING, TIGHTENING AND LIGHTENING EFFECTS, USE ALGAE PRODUCTS Who would have thought that so much could come from these inconspicuous underwater plants?!!