Chinese Dissident: It Is Communism, Not Covid, That Is Killing People In China

Chinese exiled dissident Xi Van Fleet told FOX News on Wednesday that the wave of anti-lockdown protests in China are about more than Covid-19: <blockquote>XI VAN FLEET: This is extraordinary. We're witnessing a watershed moment. During the past 75 years, Chinese people put up so much abuse from the totalitarian communist government. But it was the past three years, Xi Jinping's "Zero Covid" policy that brought people to the breaking point. What we see is our people rise up, not just to demand, to stop the lockdown, but they demand that Xi Jinping step down. This is extraordinary. MARTHA MACCALLUM, FOX NEWS: You know, you look back at Mao's cultural revolution, which you saw up close. I remember you standing at a school board meeting and passionately speaking out saying, I've seen statues come down in my home country. I've seen street names that were changed to things that were supposedly more palatable to the current government. When you watch this, do you think there's a chance that this could actually lead to the toppling of this government? XI VAN FLEET: That is a big question. In order to answer that question, people have to know that Xi Jinping was born from violence. We had 75 years of regime, it used the violence, it killed up to 100 million Chinese and would not give up its power voluntarily. It would not. It would use anyway necessary, any means necessary to stop, to stop the protest. XI VAN FLEET: So here's what -- this is a tweet that came out today from a Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson. It sort of pushes back at what is being said about all of this in the U.S. MARTHA MACCALLUM: It says the price of freedom in the U.S. Is one million Covid deaths, 40,000 gun deaths, 107,000 fentanyl deaths. It goes on to say, the American people deserve something far better than that. What we want is to protect our people's lives and to ensure them a better life. What do you say to that from the spokesperson in China? XI VAN FLEET: This is a big lie. The Chinese people see it through. One of the triggers for the protest is people watching the World Cup and see a packed stadium, no one wears a mask. They know that this disease and this virus is not killing anyone. But it's the Xi Jinping's policy that kills countless Chinese people. The tragedy of people being burned alive is because they could not get out, they're locked out. The mothers and -- lost their baby from the hospital because the their Covid code is not green. All this tragedy happened. People starve to death. It's not the covid. It is the policy. It's communism that killed Chinese people. ... I want to warn American people. So many young Americans bought into this idea that communism is about sharing, helping the poor. No. Communism is about enslavement </blockquote>