How is Urgency Based Selling different? | Andy Gole

How is Urgency Based Selling Different? Many people ask this reasonable question, "How is Urgency Based Selling different?” There’s a stereotype out there of the salesperson as slimy. When the salesperson believes this, they fail! We help salespeople embrace their role as heroic. We focus on values for unstoppable sales success, such as a "do or die" attitude versus "best efforts", because "best efforts" fail one-hundred percent of the time. We transform individual salespeople to become self-reliant and achieve entrepreneurial outcomes. We design a customized standard sales call and coach salespeople to implement it with uniquely developed selling tools. These tools help overcome typical selling challenges including: opening opportunities warming up the prospect and addressing the prospect's skepticism and perceived risk. This is a small sample of over a hundred best-selling practices in Urgency Based Selling. We select ONLY those best practices needed to meet your selling need.