Harry Potter’s Emma Watson Apparently Has A Doppelganger Who Looks Eerily Like Her

Anyone else ever been stopped in your tracks while you’re out and about when a stranger swears they’ve seen you before or know you from somewhere? It’s undoubtedly a daily occurrence for celebrities, since we all do know them from somewhere. But there is apparently actually a one in 135 chance that we all have a look-alike roaming around in the world at the same time we are. And I think we’ve just found Harry Potter actress Emma Watson’s doppelgänger. We’ve watched the 30-year-old British star grow up since her first starring role in the original Harry Potter movie back in 2001. But at the same time, 31-year-old Kari Lewis was growing up in the U.S. and getting recognized as the franchise’s Hermione Granger. Nowadays, she cosplays as the character at conventions.