BDTV: Ramaphosa's long awaited investment conference kicks off

South Africa's Minister of Trade and Industry, Rob Davies has managed to get the country partial exemption on US steel and aluminium tariffs ahead of President Ramaphosa's much anticipated Investment Conference taking place under the theme, "Accelerating Growth by Building Partnerships" - this as the president seeks to attract R1.2 trillion worth of investment into the country and with calls mounting for him to look closer to home to fulfil that target, what role can the Department of Trade and Industry play in realising that goal? Rob Davies, SA Minister of Trade and Industry joins us on the line with his take. With South Africa's growth targets slashed in half to just 0.7% for this year, tax revenue shortfalls, a widening budget deficit, continuous bailouts of SOEs and high levels of unemployment - how does one garner investment into the country during such an economic climate? Ebrahim Patel, SA Minister of Economic Development joins us on the line to discuss President Ramaphosa's Investment Conference in relation to what the economy has to offer at this point.