Krauthammer On Russia: "Nobody Can Locate The Crime," Unhelpful That Trump Is Acting Like There Is One

CHARLES KRAUTHAMMER: I think the issue of a cover-up in a crime is really quite remarkable. I don't think I've ever seen a situation where nobody can locate the crime. There are all these accusations, collusion is thrown around all the time. We've had a year of investigations. We've had opportunity after opportunity for some official to say here's what happened. And there's been none of that. Now there may be, we could get an avalanche of evidence of collusion. But so far there is none. The president insists that there is no 'there' there, but he acts as if the there is everywhere. And that, I think, is the origin of what's happened here. He's trying to get people -- I can understand sort of the motive. He says I didn't do anything, so let me get the people who are in charge of some of these agencies to come out and say we have no evidence. I don't see that as obstruction, but I think it is improper. It's something you shouldn't be asking these people to do. And that creates this firestorm. Up until now, it's entirely self-created, and we could end up with an enormous issue, and it's going to dog Trump and all of his associates who are now lawyering up, even the president himself, until the end of time because as you say, Mueller has an endless mandate, and he cannot be fired. That's omnipotence and omniscience at once. He's Godlike.