Cool home gadgets from CES

CES just ended in Las Vegas, but not without showcasing some must have gadgets for the home. Sony’s Aibo puppy robot has a camera in its nose, OLED screens for eyes and touch sensors on its body that give it the ability to recognize faces and react to petting. The puppy becomes attached to you the more you play with it and interacts with each person differently. The robot will go on sale in Japan this month for around $1,700. Hate folding laundry? The Foldimate folds clothes, towels and other items and stacks them in a neat pile. Foldimate will begin shipping the machines to the U.S. in late 2019. The machines will cost around $900. South Korea’s Coway has developed an appliance that can remove odors, bacteria and dust from clothing without the need to wash them. The Air Shower can freshen clothing in 45 minutes, and will soon be made available in the U.S. Always losing things? Tile will help you find them. The square-shaped Tile attaches to items like your keychain, bags, purses and even your laptop and can let you know the last location of the item through its app or Google Assistant.