SmartRead Meter Reader from Modular Documents

News about SmartRead from Modular Connection Amber Busy? Amber Have a little EXTRA time to collect meter readings and check the supplies for your networked printers and copiers? Amber I mean they ARE great. EVERYBODY uses them... copy[ing], printing, faxing, scanning... Amber But YOU’VE got to read the meters, ... and submit the reports, ... and make sure you have enough supplies, ... and then place the order. Amber That IS you, isn’t it? Amber Well... We're your Modular Connection and we have good news for you. Amber It's an app... a free app... SmartRead. Amber It reads the meters for you and sends in the report... automatically. Amber It'll tell you and Modular when supplies are needed. It'll even order them for you if you want. Amber That means less busywork for you. Interested? Amber Oh, did I mention...When you complete the install of the SmartRead app, you automatically become eligible to win an iPad 3. Amber Cool, huh? Amber Just click the CONTINUE button on this page. Yeah. That one... Amber ... and download the SmartRead app... It’s FREE. Office network copiers and printers are great and everyone is using them. But someone has to monitor the production and supplies and make sure things continue to run smoothly. That means collecting meter readings, generating reports, and ordering necessary supplies in a timely manner. Modular Business Solutions has a solution for such busy work with one easy free app. SmartRead is a new easy, free app that will read meters for you, automatically generate and send reports, tell you when supplies are needed and even place the order for you. With a simple click of a button, you can download the app and start saving your time. Just click the CONTINUE button on this page and download the SmartRead app… It’s free. SmartRead is another step in ensuring your company's success. Modular Business Solutions is a full-service systems integrator dedicated to providing total technology office solutions. They provide businesses with customized digital technology designed to optimize document production. With extensive customer options for process improvement, technology from the world's leading manufacturers, and an uncompromising commitment to customer service, Modular Business Services is a partner you can trust for all your office automation needs. Long-term customer partnerships are what have made the Modular Family who they are today. Their passion, experience, and commitment to every project are why customers count on them as a trusted adviser for their office technology needs. They help you make the right technology decisions today for your continued success tomorrow. Modular Document Solutions 11300 Lindbergh Blvd, Ste 104 Fort Myers, FL 33913-8827 United States O: 1-800-249-5200