Tucker Carlson: Children's Hospitals Around The Country Are "Performing Horrifying Experiments On Children"

Tucker Carlson on children's hospitals' so-called gender-affirming care for transgender children: "In recent weeks, we've learned a lot about what is actually happening inside children's hospitals around the country. Most people trust children's hospitals implicitly. They just didn't know the details but thanks to the internet we now do. It turns out some of these hospitals are performing horrifying experiments on children: elective hysterectomies on minors, physical and chemical castration, things you think would be crimes but that apparently aren't and that are going on in children's hospitals in the United States. And now learning more. The journalist Chris Rufo has just broken a story about the children's hospital in Chicago and local school administrators promoting "kink, bdsm and trans-friendly sex toys for kids." Carlson also said hospitals are "castrating young people, minors for no legitimate purpose whatsoever." <iframe src="https://www.mediamatters.org/media/3993182/embed/embed" class="" height="360" width="480" scrolling="no" allowfullscreen=""></iframe> <blockquote>TUCKER CARLSON (HOST): We brought you this saga of Libs of TikTok -- one of the most informative accounts on Twitter. And because it is so informative, it keeps getting banned. Libs of TikTok just proved that physicians are, in fact, castrating young people, minors for no legitimate purpose whatsoever. Libs of TikTok reported -- recorded this call with Children's National Hospital, for example, in Washington, D.C. [...] Yeah, castrating kids. They admitted it, flat out. Now Children's Hospital is denying it, pretending it's not true. Today, Vice.com, which rides to the rescue of anyone in power who's been embarrassed -- whether it's the CIA or the State Department or the Biden administration or Google or in this case, the medical establishment -- went after Libs of TikTok, one person. Vice, like a billion dollars in venture funding, they're claiming that Libs of TikTok is, quote, "helping the Kremlin" -- Kremlin -- "boost anti-LGBT disinformation." And then the Washington Post, owned by the richest man in the world, accused Libs of TikTok of lying. And then NPR, which is funded by your tax dollars and spends all of its time attacking you and your family for whom they have pure contempt, is pushing to ban Libs of TikTok. And then shortly after that, not surprisingly, Twitter obeyed and suspended Libs of TikTok, alleging hateful conduct.</blockquote>