Top secret Cold War military base, RAF Barnham, is now waiting to be discovered on heritage tours

It was a top secret military base which played a key role in the early days of Britain’s nuclear weapons programme. Today, the nuclear weapons have long gone but RAF Barnham, two miles south of Thetford is still home to many of the bunkers, storage areas and reminders of the important role the site played in the Cold War. Built in the early 1950s the bomb store was built for the maintenance of Blue Danupe, Britain’s first free falling nuclear weapon to be stockpiled. Operational for around 10 years after the site closed it fell into disrepair until it was bought by Keith Eldred in 1966. Now, RAF Barnham is just one of the many historical locations across the region waiting to be discovered during the Heritage Open Days festival, an eight-day celebration of the county’s heritage.