L.A. Crawls With Up To 3 Million Feral Cats

After dark, a feral fellowship of humans fans across L.A.'s eerie nightscape, sneaking behind security gates and down alleys to feed the hordes, some 3 million feral cats. Ex-airline attendant Janice Modin has a "route" that consumes all but her sleeping hours—and 1,500 cans of cat food monthly. As many as 26% of households feed feral cats, whose exploding numbers mark them as "invasive predators" of birds and wildlife. <i>See the full story at: <a href="http://www.laweekly.com/news/an-army-of-cat-lovers-is-feeding-las-feral-felines-should-they-be-5460851">An Army of Cat Lovers is Feeding L.A.s' Feral Felines. Should They Be?</a></i>