ECi La Crosse™ / OMD Video

ECi La Crosse Management System is structured to provide equipment dealers a database that accesses customized reporting of crucial areas of the companies operation. ECi La Crosse strives to be effective, not just efficient. Since 1999, they have continued to revolutionize the way businesses organize and access their immense files and data into one interactive program solution. This one solution integrates numerous tasks into one interface, as one of our loyal customers states “By going into the La Crosse Financials package we were able to speed up closing by cutting two days off the process each month.” ECi La Crosse software is scalable for start-up businesses to $5 million+ companies, providing a clear path for future growth any sized business. They provide a fully integrated solution from point-of-sale, e-commerce, accounting, and customized reporting. This back office system accesses and immediately updates order entries, purchasing, receiving, invoicing, and distributes supply chain automation. With over 25 years of industry experience, La Crosse software has been engineered to meet your every day-to-day need within a mouse click away. We have incorporated over 1,400 tools into our software, including: contract management, accounts receivable and payable, credit card processing, financial analysis, management and reporting, a general ledger, inventory and warehouse management, order entry and service dispatch. With each of these features we have drilled into all the minute details to allow our customers complete full access to their data. ECi La Crosse has another unparalleled service and that is the reliability and guaranteed 24/7 live customer support. As the most responsive team in the industry, ECi Software Solutions provides extensive support and guidance the first 90 days of each companies short implementation schedule. They provide one-on-one on-site implementation, training classes, live webinars and tech support seven days a week. Connect your business to ECi La Crosse software for Office Equipment Dealers today.