Jeffrey Lord: GOP Establishment Has No Path To Take Nomination From Trump

On CNN's "State of the Union," Trump backer Jeffrey Lord talks about the possibility of an <a href="">establishment coup</a> against Donald Trump at the Republican Convention. "The last time something like this was even remotely close was June of 1964 when Nelson Rockefeller had flamed out, and the moderates rebelling against Barry Goldwater pushed then Governor of Pennsylvania Bill Scranton into the race. He got clobbered. They don't have a Bill Scranton as it were. They don't have a Mitt Romney, a Jeb Bush, anybody here, so they've got a big problem." "Secondly," Lord continued. "If by chance they succeeded, I mean there would be an open rebellion right on down the ballot, from all these millions of people who voted for Donald Trump. Who would say: 'Okay if that's what you're going to do, let's go there. And I won't vote for my Republican senator or congressman.' Maybe [Rep.] Javier [Becerra] could be Speaker of the House, if he is not Vice President -- it will be a problem."