Joy Reid: DeSantis Creating A "White Nationalist Environment" Where You Can't Make White Children Feel Uncomfortable

MSNBC's Joy Reid spoke about Florida Governor Ron DeSantis's education policy claiming that he is creating a "white nationalist environment." "I see the most Orbanization in somebody like DeSantis who has this sort of propaganda school that he’s sending teachers to in the summer where they teach them that Thomas Jefferson and George Washington opposed slavery and don’t bother to mention that they owned slaves, where he's essentially forcing teachers to accept this indoctrination," Reid said. "He fired a U.S. state attorney who refused to prosecute people related to abortion. Where he's doing these openly authoritarian sort of Orbanist things, pushing what does feel like a version of White replacement theory, that you can't make White children feel uncomfortable in school, that you can't say anything about racism in the workplace, that you have to sort of create this sort of White nationalist environment everywhere or else," Reid said.