The 2018 Honda Odyssey Minivan Does Not Seem Like a Minivan

A recent birthday put me past the half-century mark, and my daughters reminded me of how bad my memory was. (At least I think they did.) Once I swung by one of the Utah Honda Dealers, though, to test drive a 2018 Odyssey, I certainly didn't remember minivans being as high-tech and fuel-efficient as this. ---- Wow. Vehicle WiFi, wireless charging, and no less than four USB ports rocked the model I drove. There’s even a cabin-facing camera that lets you see the kids behind you without turning around. They’ll think you really DO have eyes in the back of your head. And the electronics inside weren’t the only things high-tech that I found. The safety features included everything from lane assist to adaptive cruise control to collision mitigation brakes. Couple that with the HondaLink app that puts the van’s fuel status, parking location, and door locks securely on your smart phone. When it comes to mileage, the Odyssey is rated at 19-city, 28-highway, though my readings came in a little above that. Pretty impressive given how much room is in here. Good stuff. And speaking of stuff. Not only can the Odyssey haul over 32 cubic feet of your cargo, it can haul at least 14 feet of PRECIOUS cargo, including the shoes. Maybe I’ve been away from these for a while, but this is not what I remember a minivan being. The Honda Odyssey is a roomy, solid machine with the feel of a truck, and the gas mileage of a big sedan. Sure, you can still take the soccer team to practice and all, but the kids may not want to get out of the van. Check out a new Honda Odyssey at any of your Utah Honda Dealers. ----