AcroYoga 101: A Classic Sequence for Beginners

Take your practice to new heights with AcroYoga. This sequence—created by AcroYoga founder Jason Namer—will help you and your friends safely get started. What is AcroYoga? AcroYoga is a combination of yoga, acrobatics, and Thai massage. It's a partner yoga practice designed to build trust, strength, and connection while feeling like a dance. There are Solar and Lunar practices, with Solar involving an active flyer and base, while Lunar incorporates the therapeutic elements of Thai massage, enabling the flyer to passively receive bodywork from the base. While lifting your partner off the ground seems like the challenging part, being lifted is just as difficult. Surrendering into the connection between you and your partner while you trust them to gently elevate you and bring you back down is a powerful experience. Plus, inversions are common in AcroYoga, meaning there is the risk of falling head-first. So, practice with a good friend or loved one and a spotter so everybody can stay safe. Communication is a key element as well. Telling your base that they're pressing too hard, or alerting your flyer that you're feeling unstable, are important cues and a valuable dialogue that can encourage everyone to speak honestly toward one another outside of the practice space. Who Should Try AcroYoga? Fortunately, all of the poses in AcroYoga aren't advanced. In the video above (and explained in writing here), Yuki Tsuji and Paul Robinson explore beginner-oriented poses, such as Plank on Plank, Plank Press, Front Press, Front Bird, and Bow Pose, which gradually build on each other in difficulty while still being approachable to someone who is new to the practice. This is a Solar sequence since the movements are dynamic and both yogis are engaged. The fluid movements, thrill of getting airborne, and open communication make AcroYoga a playful practice that allows everyone involved to feel closer to one another. Whether you're looking for a new challenge, want to expand your repertoire of yoga practices, or simply want to have fun with a friend, AcroYoga is an exciting way to evolve your practice. See also:  AcroYoga Decoded: Grab a Partner and Go Want to Fly? 7 Must-Try AcroYoga Poses Learn to Fly with Aerial Yoga