Acronym's aside, my test-drive of a souped-up Volkswagen GTI for Utah Drives was a pretty zippy experience. Not only does this 5-door pack a turbo punch, it's loaded with features that'll keep you safe on the roads. -- The GTI SE isn’t your ordinary car. It’s quick. Very quick. As in, 0-60mph in 6 seconds quick. The SE version comes standard with a GPS and cell system to remotely unlock your doors if you lock your keys in the car, to track the car down if it’s stolen, or to send emergency personnel if the airbags deploy. Pretty cool. As if that weren’t enough, this model had rear A/C, a parallel parking assistant, and heated nozzles that keep your wiper fluid warm in the dead of winter. (Given that our temperatures have been hovering near triple digits, I wasn’t able to test that feature.) The GTI gets an estimated 25mpg in the city, and 33 on the freeway, although my tests on the freeway had that number about 5 miles a gallon higher. As with other Volkswagens, the GTI comes standard with a 6 year, 72k mile warranty along with some bonus perks from the dealer. You can take one of these babies for a spin at Strong Volkswagen on Main Street in Salt Lake City, with more details available at