Woofy's Pet Foods: A muzzle can be your dog's new best friend

When a dog has a muzzle, many people automatically think it's because the dog is a biter. But that's often not the case! In this week's episode of Black Press Media's Impress Focus TV, hosts Melissa Beattie and Virginia Shaw explain that there are all sorts of muzzles for all sorts of reasons. "We have grooming muzzles, basket muzzles, short snout muzzles and NOT a muzzle," our host says, holding a halti. Sometimes dogs are indiscriminate eaters, and a muzzle is used to make sure your pooch isn't swallowing foreign objects. "Some dogs need to wear a muzzle for vet visits. Wearing them out in public on walks is a great way to get the practice in." Just because a dog is muzzled doesn't mean it's vicious. However, "it also doesn't mean you should let your kids or dogs approach. "Always ask before approaching dogs that you encounter on a walk, muzzled or not." Do you have questions about muzzles and the best one for your dog? Ask the experts at Woofy's Pet Foods in Comox, Courtenay and Campbell River. Woofy's Pet Foods offers the latest in pet technology, and has free delivery and Tax-Free Sundays as part of their services.