Anatomy of Communication with VIDEO

Hi, Vince Poscente here talking about instant impact and lasting influence. If you are going to do well on video communicating to people, really quite frankly communicating in any kind of environment, there’s 3 body parts you need to be aware of. I call this the anatomy of communication. Anatomy of Communication Eyes in the Anatomy of Communication First is the eyes. You know, being able to have the anatomy of good messaging means you want them to see that they’re seeing something different, that they’re going “Wow, this is different!“ Head in the Anatomy of Communication The second body part is the head. Get inside their head where they go “No, I hadn’t thought of it that way.” You want to do that? Give messaging that is either innovate or counterintuitive, where they go “What? Wow, I didn’t think of it that way.” Eyes, Head & Heart are the anatomy of Communications The third body part is the heart. Have them connect to you as a person. It’s real simple: just be yourself. If you’re authentic … You don’t do authentic, you be authentic. Just be yourself. If you mess up, that’s fine. You’re being real. If you have the eyes, the head, and the heart, you’ll have impact and influence. I’m Vince Poscente talking about instant impact & lasting influence.