Drudge: Trump "Saved The Media," Should Disappear For A While; Hillary Looks Like She's Running Again

Matt Drudge gave a very rare interview to Michael Savage on the Friday broadcast of his nationally-syndicated radio program to give his take on the Trump presidency thus far, the media, Hillary Clinton, and the future of the nation. Drudge said Trump "saved the media." <b><a href="http://www.realclearpolitics.com/video/2017/03/31/eric_bolling_matt_drudge_is_the_most_important_voice_in_the_conservative_movement.html">Eric Bolling: Matt Drudge Is The Most Important Voice In The Conservative Movement</a></b> The proprietor of <i>The Drudge Report</i> also ripped media treatment of Trump and his family. Drudge addressed how the media seemed to be on their death knell before Trump ran for president. Drudge talked about a "sense of something that's not right" in the nation and warned Hillary Clinton could run for the presidency again and win this time. "You know what's happening here. People are nervous. It could go back to Hillary. She looks like she's running again. Third time is the charm... All she needs is a million more, have there been a million more illegals that have come in and will sneak the vote since the election? I don't know," Drudge said. "I'm getting a little bit nervous about the media situation," he said. "The media was hanging on by the short-hairs. Do you know Vanity Fair was going under? CNN barely had a fraction. Some of the networks had N/A... Trump has saved the media. Record ratings now because the opposition is consolidating, they are following every bouncing ball. People actually believe Trump is a Russian agent -- this is the drugged ones. This is the drugged ones." Rasmussen is showing danger for Trump and Drudge doesn't believe it is fake. However, he believes that Trump was dealt a bad hand with a fractured Republican Congress and is trying to figure out how to deal with it. "I think attacking the Freedom Caucus was calculated to get something through the House, but that still doesn't mean you can get it through the Senate. You've got McCain and Graham who are going to block. Donald Trump has been dealt a very bad hand here. Does the audience understand that?" Drudge said. Drudge believes that Trump should "disappear" for a while. He should "go behind the scenes" and just go to work and not be in the "public face" every day. "Nixon wasn't in your face. Since when did the president become someone who was in your face all the time," Drudge said. "I think he should just go to work behind the scenes, but I think after Bill Clinton you had to be in the public face every day. Obama took it to new heights... I don't think the president needs to be out front every day saying something." "I think we would respect him if he got serious things done and the end result, you judge the tree by the fruit," he said. "Don't underestimate the influence of this man. Everybody in the world who is in the public eye reads the Drudge Report every day as I do. We all know that," Savage said of Drudge. <i>RealClearPolitics Video associate editor Tim Hains contributed to this report</i>.