MSNBC's Jim Cavanaugh on Antifa: Not A Bad Label To Be Against Fascism

MSNBC's counter-terrorism expert Jim Cavanaugh opines on the group Antifa during the network's coverage of the Boston protest: <blockquote>Also, look at this, 20,000 people. What a statement for America that right now are all peaceful. Now, there could be a very few black bloc or Antifa people who want to commit violence, but as far as being anti-fascist, all of America was anti-fascist in World War II. Everybody in America was anti-fascist so that's not a bad label to be against fascism or Naziism or neo-Naziism. But it's how you behave out there today. This is so commendable and I think so powerful right now.</blockquote> You may recall, during the Ferguson protests in August 2014 the NBC law enforcement expert said, <a href="">"police have to expect to be punched in the face."</a> In 2015, <a href="">Cavanaugh said we should stop calling terrorists "Islamists"</a> and that then-President Obama should give a "directive" to change the name. In 2016, before the facts were known, <a href="">Cavanaugh said</a> the gay nightclub shooting in Orlando possibly was "domestic terror" from "white hate groups."