Dershowitz: If I Were Defending Clinton People Would Be "Loving Me," I'd Be "Hero" Of Martha's Vineyard

Alan Dershowitz called out the ACLU for not being concerned about President Trump's civil liberties in an interview with Kasie Hunt on the Sunday broadcast of her MSNBC program. The legal eagle called the organization "dead in the water" and "a campaign aide for the Democratic party." He also said that deputy attorney general Rod Rosenstein, like Attorney General Jeff Sessions, should recuse himself from the Trump probe. Dershowitz also gave an update on his Martha's Vineyard social status and the shunning he has received for being an "objective, neutral person." On Saturday, the day prior, <a href="">the Harvard professor emeritus said he was "winning the battle."</a> Dershowitz called the summer inhabitants "hypocrites" for ostracizing him and said if he were making the "same arguments" on behalf of a President Hillary Clinton he would the "hero of the Vineyard." "Hypothetically, if Hillary Clinton had been elected, which I was hoping... and she were being subject to an impeachment investigation, I'd be making the same arguments and I'd be the 'hero of the Vineyard,' the very same arguments I've been making, people would be applauding me and cheering me and loving me," he said. "These are hypocrites who don't understand that you make the same arguments, no matter who the person is," Dershowitz said of the island's denizens. "If you're a neutral civil libertarian you make these arguments." "There isn't one rule for Hillary Clinton and one rule for Donald Trump. There's one rule that applies to all Americans. That's the point I've been trying to make to blind responses, deaf responses and an unwillingness to listen," he continued "If the ACLU were making these arguments I could be enjoying myself at Martha's Vineyard, but the ACLU is dead in the water," Dershowitz said. "They've now became a campaign aide for the Democratic party. They don't get involved in these issues." Dershowitz said his role is not in deciding guilt or innocence but to make sure that the civil liberties and constitutional rights of all Americans, Bill Clinton and Donald Trump included. "My role is not to decide guilt or innocence. My role is to make sure that the civil liberties of all Americans, the constitutional rights of all Americans are protected. I argued against special counsel when Bill Clinton was investigated. I've been making that argument now for many years. I've been making an argument against expansion of the criminal law for many years. And I've been arguing that a president can't commit a crime, the actus reas of the crime. The act cannot be a constitutionally authorized act under Article II of the constitution whatever his motive may be," he said. Dershowitz told his opponents to debate him and to beat him in argument, to come up with better arguments, don't just ignore and shutdown debate. "These are controversial arguments. Read my book. You read the arguments, there may be counter-arguments. I end the book by saying debate me, beat me in argument. Come up with better arguments, but don't ignore and don't shutdown debate. That's not the American way," he said. "The case is based on the facts as we now know them. Of course those facts could change. This is not an argument against impeaching the person Donald Trump; it's a case against impeaching anyone who was not accused of one of the specified crimes in the constitution."