Democrats Make Shocking Vote For Illegal Immigrants

Democrats Make Shocking Vote For Illegal Immigrants On Friday, House Democrats blasted a Republican-backed proposal that condemned illegal immigrants voting in U.S. elections. House Republicans wanted to add language to the H.R. 1 proposal to state that “allowing illegal immigrants the right to vote devalues the franchise and diminishes the voting power of United States citizens.” Federal law already says that only American citizens can vote in federal elections. However, the proposal pointed out that the city of San Francisco currently permits non-citizens, such as illegal immigrants, to sign up for voting in school board elections. The motion was struck down 228-197, with only six Democrats voting to approve it and one Republican voting against it. The Democratic opposition marks the party’s increasingly radical position on illegal immigrants over the last few years. Later on Friday, the House approved the Democrat-pushed election bill. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said that the bill is aimed at restoring “the people’s faith that government works for the public interest, the people’s interest, not the special interests,” according to Fox News. Illinois Republican Rep. Rodney Davis, the top Republican on the Committee on House Administration, said, “This bill is a Democrat push to elect more Democrats and to put more money into the pockets of members of Congress and anyone running for election … under the guise of campaign finance reform,” according to USA Today. While the bill won’t make it past the Senate, House Democrats’ approval of some of its radical provisions shows how far left the party has become. This is made abundantly clear by the overwhelming majority of House Democrats who struck down what should be a redundant measure, stating that non-citizen voting diminishes the voting power of Americans.