Trump: "I Don't See How They Could Prosecute Me"

Former President Donald Trump talked about the raid of Mar-a-Lago, classified documents, and the possibility of being prosecuted in an interview with FOX News host Sean Hannity broadcasted on Wednesday. <blockquote>SEAN HANNITY: This is a big part of what want to get into and that is okay, I mention for example 33,000 deleted emails. We talked about Hunter Biden's laptop, we talked about in that laptop Joe Biden is implicated many times by his own son. He didn't want to pay all of dad's bills, he didn't want to pay for his repairs. The Big Guy gets his cut. Tony Bobulinski confirmed The Big Guy is Joe Biden. He met with, we now know about 14 of the foreign business partners which means that he lied during the campaign. You don't see anything happening there. FORMER PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP: Nothing is going to happen there. HANNITY: So do we have equal justice in the country? TRUMP: It's unfair, it's a very unfair situation. You mentioned the word prosecute -- I don't think prosecute. I don't think this is prosecutable. Under the Presidential Records Act there is no retribution or prosecution. You're supposed to negotiate. We're talking about documents. We're talking about documents actually are being watched over to a certain extent and I would say to a large extent by the Secret Service if you think about it. But I can imagine. You mention the word prosecution. I don't hear the word prosecution. HANNITY: I'm saying that they didn't prosecute them (the Bidens). TRUMP: No, no, I don't see how they could prosecute me. How do you prosecute somebody -- HANNITY: But they didn't raid their homes. They raided this (Mar-a-Lago) home. TRUMP: They certainly didn't raid their homes. And when Hillary broke up all all her phones with the hammers and they did the bleach bit, all the things that happened were incredible. Well, you could also say that 33 million documents or pages with President Obama. That's very questionable. 33 million, not 33,000. It happens to be a very similar number, 33 million, they're fighting over them or arguing over them. The problem that you have is they go into rooms, they won't even let anyone near them. Did they drop anything into those files? Or do they do it later? There's no chain of custody here with them.</blockquote>