Collections and Saved Searches | Brainspace Discovery

After you’ve begun your analysis in Brainspace Discovery, you will want to save your work and share it with others. This video is about Collections and Saved Searches.  A breadcrumbs trail is visible along the top of the screen.  Breadcrumbs are added as you accumulate filter elements, and can be removed by clicking the trash can icon that displays when you hover over the entry, making it easy to drop one or more parts of a very complex search. You can clear away all search elements in the breadcrumbs trail by selecting the ‘x’ at the right side of the filter bar. Above the breadcrumb trail, you'll find a drop-down that lists your Recent and Saved Searches.  This allows you to quickly jump back to an earlier search, or even part of a search that you were constructing.  For each recent search, you also have the ability to show the exact Lucene syntax used for that search. A list of your Saved Searches will be found in the Recent and Saved Search dropdown list.  To save a search, select the Save Search icon at the upper-right, then provide a name for your Search criteria.  This saves the actual search query, so if you later add more documents, they will show up as results if they also respond to this search. If you'd like to save a subset of documents resulting from your search criteria, save your document results to a Collection.  A Collection is a list of the document IDs, not the query criteria. If you later add documents to a Dataset, those documents will not automatically be added to your Collection, unless an updated Collection is saved after applying your desired filter. Collections and Saved Searches are ways to save your work, and to share it with others.