Mollie Hemingway: It Is Amazing What The Priorities Of Biden's FBI And DOJ Are Today

"The Federalist" senior editor Mollie Hemingway commented on the Department of Justice memo warning of threats of violence at school board meetings, Tuesday on FNC's "Special Report" panel: <blockquote>MOLLIE HEMINGWAY: It is just amazing what the Department of Justice and FBI will do and what they won't do. Last year, we had a series of violent riots that caused $2 billion worth of damage and killed dozens of people. They attacked the White House, federal courthouses, police precincts, hundreds of American businesses. And the Department of Justice and FBI were basically nowhere to be found. You mentioned earlier tonight about how little they did with the gymnastics coach [Larry Nasser], who had credible reports of him raping people and the FBI was nowhere to be found. Yet, here, when parents very reasonably are concerned about all sorts of things happening in their school whether it's teaching their students, teaching their children to hate other people, based on their race, or to think that they're victims who can never succeed because of their race, or that the country is systematically racist in a way that is irredeemable. Of course, parents are going to want to weigh in on that. And to intimidate them and to declare war on American parents, particularly when the FBI and DOJ have been nowhere to be found on issues where they actually were needed is just unconscionable. A politicization of our DOJ that is not tenable. </blockquote>