The Weekend Reel With Eden Grinsphan

The older you get, the more you seem to care about your surroundings — both within your immediate locale and the far-flung destinations you fantasize about visiting. For Eden Grinshpan of the Cooking Channel's Eden Eats, getting culturally adventurous is totally her MO. She travels around the world in search of inspiration and brings authentic international flavors back home to her NYC life to elevate her cuisine. So, still reeling from her India travels, Grinshpan shows us how she incorporates her past South Asian journey into one immersive, coconut-infused weekend where she hosts a sensational fete for her friends — from hitting up the local farmers' market for fresh ingredients to selecting vibrant fabrics for DIY napkins to capturing the mood perfectly with incense. And, we're picking up all her pro tips for our next dinner party along the way, thanks to Secret's Scent Expressions and Destinations Collection, which offers a scent for every adventure. Watch her in action above, and if you're inspired by Grinshpan's 48-hour sensory overload, enter Secret's #Epic48 Instagram contest for a chance to score a cool $1,600 toward your own perfect weekend. Here's to cooking up something good!