Manitowoc | Build something real 2018

Around the globe, major construction projects are either in the works or being engineered. One crane manufacturer is uniquely positioned to meet the construction industry’s lifting needs, while simultaneously building real return on investment (ROI). That company is Manitowoc®. For decades, we have provided innovative, market-leading lifting equipment and related solutions that set global industry standards for performance and quality. The same is true today as we continue to help our customers Build Something Real. What does it mean to Build Something Real? It means delivering more than simply the world’s best cranes. Manitowoc delivers REAL ROI, REAL PERFORMANCE, REAL QUALITY AND RELIABILITY, REAL AGILITY and REAL SUPPORT. To achieve this, we provide our customers with cranes that have longer lifecycles so they can stay on the job and build the infrastructure, facilities and structures needed by a global economy. The Manitowoc promise is to Build Something Real through the most customer-focused product innovation and service in the industry.