Trump Holds MAGA Rally For Montana GOP Senate Candidate: "Get Your Ass Out To Vote"

President Trump held a MAGA rally Thursday night for Montana Republican candidate for U.S. Senate Matt Rosendale and told voters to "get your ass out to vote" and bring friends and colleagues with them to the ballot box. (<a href="">Full video of the campaign rally here</a>.) "Washington tried to change us, but instead, we are actually changing Washington," Trump said at the Four Seasons Arena in Great Falls, Montana. "And now, we need Matt Rosendale in the Senate to continue our fight, to drain the swamp. We're going to get it done." "We need to work every day from now until the election. For your family, for your community, the country, for your constitution. And this November, I need you to get your friends, get your colleagues, get your neighbors, and get your ass out to vote," the president said. "Get your ass out to vote," Trump stressed. Trump then went on a riff about how life would be like if he "acted presidential." He said it would actually be very easy for him to do so, "it's much easier than what I do." He lamented that sometimes he has to. "They're going to say that wasn't presidential. Watch. That was not presidential," he said about the media. "Did I ever tell you how easy it would be for me to be presidential?" Trump said to the crowd. "Like we're all, me, you, we are really smart people. I have the most loyal people in the world, they're the smartest people, they're the toughest people. They are the greatest people in the world. But they'll say something like, that's not presidential. And when I say acting presidential it's so easy. For me, it's much easier than what I do. Much easier. And sometimes I have to do it." "You walk up to the microphone. 'Good evening ladies and gentlemen of the great state of Mon-tana. You have to put a little emphasis, right? This is wonderful to be with you tonight. Thank you for being here. Goodbye,' Trump said in a mocking tone. Watch the entire rally: <iframe width="640" height="360" src="" frameborder="0" allow="autoplay; encrypted-media" allowfullscreen></iframe>