Nick Tullier

Nick Tullier: Nick had told Danielle he didn't want to go to work that morning. It was a Sunday, when they normally slept in and ate breakfast together. He was exhausted after days of responding to protests, part of the unrest that swept the country after a string of high-profile shootings of black men by police. Danielle gave him a kiss as he headed out the door and told him to be safe, though, for once, she wasn't worried. He was supposed to be patrolling a sleepy section of town. A couple of hours later, she texted him: "I'm bored. Is it time for you to come home yet?" By then, Nick was speeding toward a distress call: "Shots fired, officer down! Shots fired, officer down!" He pulled into a parking lot near the scene of the violence and stepped out to inspect an empty Chevy Malibu. Then gunfire exploded from nearby woods. The first bullet ripped through his stomach, shredding his intestines. As Nick toppled back into his car, two more bullets hit him, one in the left shoulder, the other through his head, rattling his skull and filling his brain stem with shrapnel.