I AM a BUSINESS PROFESSIONAL Driven by the profit and loss. More profit than loss. With 30,000,000 businesses the USA is the land of opportunity. ABC is job one: Always Be Closing. Jack Welch, Steve Jobs, Meg Whitman, Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, my heroes. I work to live. I live to work. S & P, Nasdaq, Dow don’t move unless I move. To become a CEO... Age doesn’t matter: CEO of Facebook: 28 CEO of Google: 39 Grey matter matters. Measuring Up Great leaders often start at the bottom. It builds character, wisdom, empathy. It did for me. If the Fortune 500 were a country measured in dollars they’d be 2nd, US 1st, China 3rd. Six Sigma, QRM, TOC, TPM. They give me strength like business vitamins. Top of my agenda; drive revenue, maximize revenue, grow revenue. Did I mention revenue? Small is Big Small business is big business. 75% of new jobs, 44% of the US payroll come from small business. 64% of millionaires have done it with their own business. If you can touch it, taste it, smell it, see it or hear it, a business has had something to do with it. Now that’s pretty cool. My Customers My customers pay my mortgage, feed my family, put clothes on my back. For that I am grateful. I AM a BUSINESS PROFESSIONAL.