Rep. Katie Porter to Sen. Kyrsten Sinema: "This Is Not A Time To Be Cute, This Is A Time To Show Character"

Rep. Katie Porter (D-CA), deputy chair of the House Progressive Committee, called on Sen. Kyrsten Sinema to "step up" on the infrastructure bill in an interview Wednesday with CNN's Don Lemon. "I think what we're looking for is people to show character," Porter said. "We're looking for Senator Manchin and Senator Sinema to tell us what they stand for. They need to tell the American people if they have concerns about this bill, what are they? If there are programs they don't support or want to fund at a different level, they need to lay those out." "They have not given you any indication about what they're uncomfortable with, what they want, nothing," Don Lemon asked. "Not only have they not given it to me, they haven't given it from all reports to President Biden," Porter said. "They haven't given it to Senator Schumer, their leader. They haven't given it to Speaker Pelosi. Without knowing what their objections are, we simply can't start changing this bill and trying to guess at what might make them come around and engage and be the leaders that the American people elected them to be." <blockquote>DON LEMON: Do you have any idea of why they're not doing it? Is there any -- do you have any inkling? Is there any talk about what is holding them back? Is it the money? Is it their constituents back home? Are they - what is going on? PORTER: I think Senator Manchin expressed concern about the climate provisions for example and from all reports is engaging in discussions about what he would support, what his concerns are. You know, all we heard from Senator Sinema today when she was asked, people want to know where you are, progressives in the House, progressives in the Senate, everybody in the House, everybody in the Senate wants to know where you are. Her answer is I'm right here in front of the elevator. I just want to repeat again, this is not a time to be cute, this is a time to show character. If Senator Sinema has concerns about helping American families afford childcare and making two years at community college free, making health care more affordable, doing something about climate change. She needs to tell the American people, as well as her colleagues in the Senate and House what those concerns are. Until she does that we have to press forward, delivering the president's agenda to the American people. </blockquote>