Lanka Jewels' Celtic & Viking collections capture love's power

Celtic Jewelry and Viking Runes are full of powerful symbology and meaning, ranging from dragons and eternity knots, Irish claddagh rings and more. But what do those symbols mean, and why are they so popular? In this episode of Black Press Media's Focus TV's Lanka Jewel's Bridal Connection series, host Nathan Selvaraja is joined by Celtic Jewellry creator Keith Jack, who explains about some of the meaning behind these powerful expressions of love and fidelity. "Each collection has its own story and each piece has its own story as well," Keith explains. The Love Knot, for example, shows that the relationship is eternal. The Irish Claddagh ring, features a heart, a crown and hands, with the hands representing friendship, the heart representing love, and the crown representing loyalty. One ring featured in the video has a dragon, an eternity know and braiding going all the way around the ring. "The dragon represents strength and wisdom," Keith explains, "And it also represents a very strong relationship." Jack also creates jewelry with Viking Runes, which are a symbol based alphabet from the ancient Norse. "These pieces in particular are lovely for wedding gifts," Keith says, holding a ring from the collection. "The saying on this one translated means, "Love conquers all. Let us two yield to love." Interested in learning more about Keith Jack's Celtic Jewellry at Lanka Jewels? Head to Lanka Jewels in Mission, B.C., and check them out. Online: Email: Phone: 604-826-5766 Visit: #346 - 32555 London Ave., Mission